I like equipment/gear/kit. The military drove into me a sense of perfecting what I took with me on an exercise/job, and it has defintely stuck with me. I like sorting through things, deciding on what to take and what not to take.

I have left a couple of things along the way, but nothing major. that will change when warmer weather is upon me, and I can start to shed clothing meant for the winter!

Main rucksack: Berghaus Atlas (2nd generation)
-my favourite part of choosing my gear is the rucksack. basically the home you take with you. I chose a military grade rucksack, with a 100 litre capacity. It’s big, durable, dark green, comfortable enough, and that’s what I wanted. it fits all I need, while designed to be comfortable with a heavy load. additionally, the two side pockets can be zipped off, then zipped together to form a small daypack.

From top to bottom of main bag:
Top lid pocket:
-waterproof pack cover
-emergency poncho (wallet sized when packed, made of cheap plastic) (ditched)
-leather gloves (almost torn to shreds)
-warm insulated gloves (if cold weather, otherwise packed away in main bag) (lost, and no more gloves foe mediterranean) (bought new pair of woolens from Athens flea market!)

Underside lid pocket:
-fire starting kit (matches, thread/cotton/clothing scraps, two lighters)
-medical kit (bandaids, cloth bandages, disinfectant, tweezers, needle)
-basic fishing kit (fishing line, a few hooks, floatation device, weights)

Main bag (from top to bottom)
-Austrian goretex M65 jacket (ditched for gelert hercules jacket due to weight)
-spice kit
-at least two days worth of food (usually bread and cheese for ease of preparation. Always have rice for chances I get to cook)
-dry bag with extra clothes
-blackberry playbook tablet  (stolen… Due to be replaced)
-1 quart canteen (empty unless I know no water will be nearby. fill up near evening) (ditched for common 1.5 litre crushable water bottle)
–one t-shirt
–2 pairs boxers (under armor)
–5 pairs moisture wicking poly/cotton socks
–heavy wool hoodie (ditched and replaced with merino wool pullover. Weight)
–ligthweight wool pullover
-“random stuff” bag ( odds and ends, some souveneirs)
-wind up radio/light with solar panel (ditched)
-10 marmot synthetic sleeping bag (4 season = heavy) (ditched for snugpak jungle bag
–thermal top and bottom shoved into a pillow case for makeshift pillow) (thermal top ditched for merino top)
-tenth wonder hornet hammock
-tenth wonder sargasso storm tarp
-small bag of hammock webbing/stakes
-nomad 7 solar panel (which has yet to really shine!)
(rucksack has bottom opening zip for access to shelter equipment)
-Wool army blanket (found in abandoned house… Needed as sleeping bag isn’t so good at single digit temperatures!)

side pockets:
-austrian 3 piece cook set
–trangia burner
–alcohol fuel
-light snack food if I have any

-small fixed blade
-extra food if needed

-attached to outside – thermarest ridgerest sleeping pad

shoulder bag:
-40oz klean kanteen water bottle

In colder weather I generally keep insulated gloves and a toque in my cargo pockets on my pants. Also, I keep a swiss army knife in a spare pocket, and a flint/steel as well as a p38 can opener on a keychain on my belt.

So far my gear has been kept more or less the same. When spring comes, and I reach the Mediterranean, however,
I will shed as much cold weather gear as I can, while still keeping the basics. I hope to trade most of my gear along the way, anyways, so that everything I end up with will have a history of sorts.

Update september 1st 2013:
Ditched most of the heavy weight winter gear for summer stuff. I’m in Greece and likely won’t be in the very cold temps for a while now. Will add warmer clothing of needed.

Update January 6 2013: I was silly in thinking it wouldn’t get cold in Greece… Granted, it’s not COLD, it’s just that the summer heat conditioned my body to high temperatures, and now 8 celsius feels cold to me! A few bits more gear added, namely wool army blanket, wool gloves, another wool pullover. Bags gettin’ heavy!


5 Responses to Equipment

  1. dave69 says:

    I have been waiting ages to see this list! Loved the last post, keep doing what you love, man!

    • aha, thank you for reminding me. I have definitely been sluggish with this blog. I was hoping for a sunny day in the countryside to take pictures of my gear.

      Anyways, I will get a basic list up soon. Must get off my arse soon!

  2. dave69 says:

    Very helpful list, gives some good insight into what to pack for long-distance trips. Good luck in your continued adventures!

  3. Tim Shey says:

    Here is a list of what I carry in my backpack:

    “The Things I Carry”

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