My name is Steve, from Vancouver, Canada. In the summer of 2011, I decided to quit the army in favour of travelling Europe, North Africa, and more than likely Asia. After selling most of my larger “things,” getting my British passport, and collecting various supplies, I am now on the road.

There are various reasons for this trip. School and/or a 9-5 job really doesn’t appeal to me, at least not at this point in my life. The military showed me a world outside the sheltered Western lifestyle so many of us live, and helped me defeat my anxiety issues (for the most part). I now feel most at peace on the road, sleeping in bushes on the sides of highways, and enjoying the random adventures I get myself into.

This blog will cover my travels, including volunteering (WWOOF’ing, workaway, and monetary work when I can find it), my observations of the areas I pass through, and generally any excuse to write. I write this mainly for my family and friends, but also for those looking at a less than conventional lifestyle themselves.

Without trying to sound pretentious, society and all its stigma’s rot your brain. Get out into the world while you can, LIVE life, and experience all the good this world has to offer… Contrary to what we see on TV, the world isn’t evil.


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  1. Hi, just found your blog, I’m also WWOOFing and am currently near Vancouver, BC. I’m originally from the UK. We’re WWOOFing in each other’s home countries apparently! That made me laugh, hope it is going well?

    • Ooh, cool! I see you were up in Alaska as well! Somewhere I’ve got to go eventually.

      I’m actually using workaway.info for this job right now… Same basic idea 🙂 and it’s great! Really enjoying myself thus far.

      Whereabouts are ya from in the UK?

      • Cornwall – the very opposite side of the UK to where you are now!! You should head there if you get the chance. Possibly more wwoofing in Devon but it is a beautiful area, moors, rugged coast, the sea. A bit like Scotland except we don’t have the hills and we have bigger waves (on the north coast)…! 🙂

      • Ahh, cool. I think ill be spending some time in Ireland, but will probably be passing through england just to get the ferry over to France. Have a concert in Hungary in October I want to slowly make my day towards!

  2. Perhaps you’ll get the ferry over from Plymouth? Plymouth is in Devon, and just borders Cornwall. Either way – I hope it goes well! Happy travels!

  3. Ilia says:

    Warm wishes for the road! Keep living this awesome life, maybe one day we will meet somewhere on the crossroads.

  4. wandertogo says:

    I so enjoyed reading your blog. I traveled through Europe myself when I was young like you, but not quite as rough. I stayed at hostels, but did sleep out a couple of times. Hitched all through UK, and train-passed it after that until I ran out of money. Keep up the posts, I’m living through you vicariously.

    • Thanks for the post. We all have our own paths, and staying in hostels has its advantages, for sure. Hell, if i had the money id be staying in doors much more… But i dont, and living outside is swell enough. I say this as i camp up in the mountains of greece, in the middle of a cloud! Haha. Whenabouts were you traveling?

      Im glad you like my stuff 🙂

      • wandertogo says:

        I traveled 11/1975 – 1/1976. Yeah, I’m that old! But I am impressed by your easy-going nature, taking things as they come. Your willingness to learn new things, and not let obstacles detere you. Those are qualities that will carry you far. Good luck.

  5. Lovely blog, Steve! I’m glad I’ve found it! If you write about hitchhiking regularly, check out this post – http://hitchhikershandbook.com/2014/01/10/looking-hitchhiking-blogs/
    We want to create a big database of active hitchhiking bloggers and we will promote your blog for free, just give us a shout.
    Stay safe on the road!

  6. fiction10 says:

    Great blog, Steve. Especially enjoyed reading about your ad-hoc adventures in Morocco! We’re (a guy and a blonde-haired girl) currently hitching all over the country and experiencing nothing but great hospitality – admittedly most of it in the south. Your blog entries had me laughing with some of the stuff that happened to you, none of which surprises me the longer I’ve been here (especially the couchsurfing).
    Good stuff!

    • Oh lovely! Whereabouts are you going, and how for long? I think I enjoyed the South much more, and I would have liked to have seen the beaches south of Agadir.

      It was definitely an interesting country, with interesting adventures, hehe. Knowing what I do now, it would be a bit more relaxing next time, I think. But those things make better stories, don’t they? 😉

      • fiction10 says:

        I’m attempting to hitch the hell out of the country for as long as my 90 day visa free period 😀 Great hospitality so far, Steve – invited to stay at hotels, a language school, a hut by the side of the road, as well as couchsurfing in student rooms. Totally varied. Plan to hitch all the way to Dakhla then come back north and hitch the ferry to Spain if I can. Totally agree with you regards the south. Unrivalled hospitality!

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