Dog Defending and Postponed Adventures 

From Bafa it was a relatively short trip down to the campsite I was to volunteer at… I can’t recall if I even mentioned that yet, but yea, through the website (awesome website. Like wwoofing but a lot better for prices, website design, and volunteer opportunities) I found a campsite to spend a couple weeks at. 

The place is located in Akbuk Bay, a little place with probably the most picturesque beach I’ve been to (apart from all the beach chairs, umbrellas, etc). On arrival it seemed like a pretty nice place, albeit a bit touristy. I’m used to beaches with no bars and crowds of people, but I decided to give this place a chance.

Here I met Serdar and his family, as well as Kont the campsite dog, who were just hearing up for the end of Ramadan. The end of Ramadan means a holiday, with a massive influx of tourists to beaches. Sissi went her own way, following the coast south.

My work at the campsite is nothing glamorous. Raking leaves, cleaning bathrooms, dog walking, etc. It was to be just two weeks of mellowing, swimming, writing… Until plans got pushed back. 

There was one night of spontaneous music playing, anyway

One night I was escorting Gizem, the daughter of the family, to the market maybe 200 metres away. I took Kont along, because it’s an excuse to walk a dog. Gizem entered the market, and I stood outside, hanging out with my dog pal, until a rottweiler strolled on up.

Oh and this little bastard pissed on my bed… I still love him, though.

By strolled I mean ominously and slowly walked towards us. His owner, an older lady, was shouting at him to return, but he had his eyes set on Kont…. Great. Before I knew it he was in striking distance, I had myself between them, and Kont was getting pissed off.

This friendly little guy has a beast within

The rottweiler jumped on Kont, knocking me back, a wee bit stunned. I managed to push him back a few times, getting between them again and again, but both were at each other’s throats now (literally). It scared the hell out of me to see this huge dog locked onto my friend, with punching not doing anything. Locals started to appear, most of them just hanging out and watching the show. 

At one point I managed to again get between them, this time the rottweiler going after me instead. He locked into my hand and wrist, then pulled me along, as he tightened his grip. At this point I was just shout-screaming and punching it’s face. I have to say though, that your mind doesn’t really work so well in these situations. The pain and shock kind of take over. No one was doing anything either. Interesting situation I got myself into. 

I can’t remember how, but he let go and both dogs went back at it, with me attempting to help while I held a blood soaked hand and was starting to feel light headed… But somehow again they were pulled apart, Kont took off running, and Gizem and I retreated as well. 

To avoid a very long story, an ambulance came 40 minutes or so later, and the night was spent hanging out in the hospital. I had five lovely shots, two of which were in my ass (first time, woo), got my first cast, and was told I had to get rebandaged every day for 10 days, as well as get 3 more shots… Yay. From the hospital we had to go to another nowhere town to make a report to the Jandarma (kinda a mix of police and military). The night wrapped up at 4am, or something. 

That 10 day period just ended. I am finally free of all bandages and shots. The worst of the wounds still has a bit more healing to do, but I can finally swim again! (Seriously, no swimming from all this time… Horrible.)

My boredom levels were at “finding ants doing interesting things” at some points.

Soon I should leave. I should have been gone a week ago, Georgia bound to meet a friend. So while I hate speeding things up, I think I’ll cut a couple places off my to-do list. Partially because my friend doesn’t have so much time to travel, and partially because this damn heat is just not practical to do much in. Especially the humid heat of this area! 40C with humidity is just hiding weather.

I’m definitely looking forward to being on the road again. Geting away from the heat, new places every day, and not just hanging around waiting to heal. I haven’t had a bad time here, and there are definitely worse places to be stuck. I had a lot of help from the people I’m staying with, and the owner of the dog is driving me everywhere I need to go, paying for the expenses, and being a pretty nice and caring person. I even met the rottweiler again, and he licked my hand.

Everyone around here is surprised at how well I’ve taken everything. I’ve learned that being mopey or angry doesn’t help anyone or anything (in most situations), so I’ve found it better just to smile through these kinds of things. Who knows, maybe this change is going to lead to meeting some interesting people, or get me into yet more interesting situations… 

Small events like this can create big changes down the road, after all.

Rottweiler owners were always taking selfies or simply taking pictures of me.. Akbuk in background.


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I'm a Canadian from Vancouver, BC. In the winter of 2011 I quit my job and sold as much as I could to travel. I began in the summer of 2012, in Glasgow, Scotland. I have travelled since then, and don't plan on returning home for a while yet. I travel to experience different cultures, languages, landscapes, and to further my knowledge of... myself. Travel is what makes me happiest, so on I go.
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5 Responses to Dog Defending and Postponed Adventures 

  1. College Mate says:

    Volunteering is always an amazing opportunity, especially when it involves animals.

  2. shazza says:

    Hope you are healing up ok. Your animal pics are beautiful. Safe travels to your next destination.x

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