Winter is Over, and it is time to leave the nest!

It has already been about 3/4 of a year since I arrived home after those two lovely years on the road. Time can really zip by. In this time being home, I have mostly hermitted myself away, reading, gaming, pondering on what to do next. Things slowed down immensely, and all those familiar aspects of that previous life crept their way back into the forefront. I truly felt like I left travel-Steve back in France, and stepped back into at least a semblance of what I had left behind in Canada all those years ago.

The past is just the past, however, and while it is interesting to see what changes occur over time, life is all about the present. At this moment i’m anxiously awaiting my next adventure, packing my bags and trying not to forget all those silly little things (no matter how much I prepare, i’m always scrambling last minute).

Tree planting is in my future. For those that don’t know, tree planting is a very strenuous (physically and mentally) job doing basically one thing, planting trees. It’s simple, in theory, but there are so many little techniques and aspects of the job that can only be learned through experience. As a first year planter for these next few months, i’ll be doing a lot of learning, and perhaps yet again wondering what the hell i’m doing. But I have found that the best way that I learn is going through situations that have me crying/screaming/yelling, and otherwise feeling like I hate life. An extreme form of “getting outside your comfort bubble.”

The job involves long hours out in nature, rain or shine, sometimes up before the sun and boiling in said sun throughout the day, getting mobbed by mosquitoes and black flies, and devouring huge amounts of food when not on the job… In a sick sorta way, it sounds awesome.

I’m heading up to Prince George on the night bus (yay..), and then the adventure begins. On the days off I shall do my best to write up little reports on the job, so that I can add my experiences to those of people who have come and suffered before me.

Here’s to an experience of a lifetime.


About OutsideYourWorld

I'm a Canadian from Vancouver, BC. In the winter of 2011 I quit my job and sold as much as I could to travel. I began in the summer of 2012, in Glasgow, Scotland. I have travelled since then, and don't plan on returning home for a while yet. I travel to experience different cultures, languages, landscapes, and to further my knowledge of... myself. Travel is what makes me happiest, so on I go.
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