The warm waters of Greece


Large sweeping waves break on the rocks of my camp, on a beach in the shadow of mount Olympos. It’s increasingly windy, and clouds are rolling in, but its warm, and I have no real need to prepare for much, if any, rain.

It has been a year and almost two months of travelling so far. A long time, really… Well, this year has gone by fast, for me anyways. I have come all the way from Scotland to where I currently am, meeting so many people along the way, many odd (the best), and many from worlds separate from my own, yet flowing along on paths that come near my own, and of course intersecting at points.

I have travelled mostly alone, just being the stranger passing through… Wherever, making friends here and there, but drifting away and out of the picture before too long. Recently, during my stay in the Gramos mountains of Greece, Myself and two others joined up to travel for a while.

I was quite hesitant at first, being an introvert who prefers to sit down when I feel the desire to sit, or walk down this random road purely for the sake of walking down that road… But new things build experience, and I have always wondered what travel with others would be like.

It has been good, for the most part. Silly arguments arise continuously over typical travel-related things, but having others to share experiences with along the way has been refreshing. It can be nice to return to camp in the dark, on the outside of some strange town, and have familiar faces to share the… Outsider feelings with. Those feelings of not belonging, of being some transient who passes through the streets relatively unnoticed and forgotten just as absent-mindedly.

Soon we will go our separate ways, our paths diverging, and it will be fine. Overall times have been good, but nothing lasts, not these times, not our lives, our even the Earth itself. I will remember our silly arguments, backgammon at random coffee shops, and hunting for tasty bougatsa (look it up. So very good).

As always, things will drift into memory and my attachments to them more or less fading away as I take in what the future passes to me.

Times change… Travel is a constant flow of change, and I float along it happily and content.

Not all those who wander are lost


About OutsideYourWorld

I'm a Canadian from Vancouver, BC. In the winter of 2011 I quit my job and sold as much as I could to travel. I began in the summer of 2012, in Glasgow, Scotland. I have travelled since then, and don't plan on returning home for a while yet. I travel to experience different cultures, languages, landscapes, and to further my knowledge of... myself. Travel is what makes me happiest, so on I go.
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